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A vacation to the midwest is probably not the top travel spot someone would pick for the start of summer but it just so happen to be mine. If you ever find yourself in this neck of the woods I like to call home, the 417, Springvegas, or better known as Springfield, Missouri and get hungry you should try out these local places!


The best frozen custard you will have! From a simple cone to a concrete that has all the toppings you can imagine, Andy’s has something for everyone! The first thing I did when I got into Springfield was get Andy’s. Being without it for a year I got it as much as I could for the two weeks I was in town. If you are an Andy’s lover like me you might ask how did you go that long without it?! I do not know!!! Because I kid you not I crave Andy’s every other day! #BringAndystoFlorida

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Juicy flavorful burgers and well seasoned fries is exactly what Black Sheep has to offer. BUT that’s not even the best part. They have milkshakes!!! And not just any kind of milkshakes but alcoholic milkshakes!! Which are also made from Andy’s Frozen Custard. It’s a win win all around!

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Fancy grill cheese is how I associate with Druff’s. A simple menu is all you need sometimes! Great lunch spot even better Happy Hour spot!!

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Drinks! Drinks! Drinks! This is the place to get drinks with the girls. If you also want a bite to eat they have a few things you can choose from the menu. I was so hungry that I didn’t even get to take a photo of the rice bowl I got but the tacos my friends got looked just as tasty! From the food to the drinks this place is filled with flavor! But be careful when it comes to the drinks, one too many Hurricanes could cause a hurricane headache the next morning!

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Good food, good beer, come here!

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If you make your way to St. Michael’s whether it be for lunch or dinner, make sure you get a slice of the banana cake! It’s scrumptious and just the thing you need to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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A good simple refreshing treat that won’t fill you up too much after the large meal you had before. My go to place on a hot summer day but be ready for it to melt on your hands in a matter of seconds if you get a cone! There is the original flavor which is pineapple or depending on the location, there is a second flavor that is available (strawberry-kiwi, grape, or mango-peach) and you can get the swirl. I’m more of an original type of girl but depending on the flavor I might go for a swirl that day!


Photo from: RPM

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Cheeky Little Toast Post


Breakfast toast or late afternoon snack toast, these are some of my favorite ways to fancy it up from the plain bread and butter. Enjoy!


Avocado & Tomato

I eat this one regularly! I have to be in the mood for tomatoes though so sometimes I’ll skip out on that. For this simple yet delicious toast all you have to do is mash up an  avocado, squeeze some lemon in it, and then schmear it all over your toast. Add tomatoes on top and sprinkle some salt and pepper. If you like a little kick you can add a dash of dried chili flakes.


Cucumber & Cream Cheese

I love cucumbers! They are so refreshing to eat. This one is simple, spread on some cream cheese I used plain but you can use whatever your palate desires. And then top with cucumbers. So easy my dog could probably make this…if he had opposable thumbs.


Almond Butter & Strawberries

This one is a scrumptious combination. I love peanut butter sandwiches but I think the juiciness of strawberries and the flavor of almond butter go together better. Another simple one… Slather on a generous amount of almond butter onto the toast and layer up some strawberries slices!


Mascarpone & Raspberries

A newfound favorite to my toast collection. It’s full of texture and sweetness! Cover your toast with mascarpone, top with fresh raspberries and chopped pistachios, lastly drizzle some agave over your toast! I didn’t have any honey but that would be just as good – Finito! There you have it, a sweet perfect toasty treat.