Something to Celebrate 

Usually I post on Sunday’s but today is a special day. Today marks the one year anniversary from when my dad had heart surgery. I didn’t even realize that it was on St. Patrick’s Day last year but then again I wasn’t really aware of a lot of things last year. Since my dad was on dialysis, he was in the process of getting on the kidney transplant list. But because he had to have heart surgery he was unable to actually be put on the list.

Now that it has been a year since his heart surgery, the cardiologist said his heart has been able to get stronger and he can go back to getting on the kidney transplant list. Which makes me happy to hear because dialysis can take a lot out of my dad on some days and it makes it hard for our family to travel anywhere.

Of course it’s not that simple. After getting on the waiting list it takes about 3 to 5 years for a person to get a kidney. Which is very discouraging to hear because who wants to wait that long for a loved one to be healthy again. But then again it all could be worse. Because of my dad having to get heart surgery that set him back a year of being on the list. I could be angry about that (which I have been) but what’s being angry going to do? Absolutely nothing.

All I know is that today my family and I celebrated a year of my dad’s life. Which could have gone a different way but it didn’t! Even though a lot of things have changed and my dad can’t do a lot of the thing he use to be able to, he’s still the guy that smiles so big you can’t even see his eye and laugh at his own corny jokes. I’m so incredibly thankful he is still here!!

| The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate | -Oprah Winfrey



Cheeky Little Toast Post


Breakfast toast or late afternoon snack toast, these are some of my favorite ways to fancy it up from the plain bread and butter. Enjoy!


Avocado & Tomato

I eat this one regularly! I have to be in the mood for tomatoes though so sometimes I’ll skip out on that. For this simple yet delicious toast all you have to do is mash up an ¬†avocado, squeeze some lemon in it, and then schmear it all over your toast. Add tomatoes on top and sprinkle some salt and pepper. If you like a little kick you can add a dash of dried chili flakes.


Cucumber & Cream Cheese

I love cucumbers! They are so refreshing to eat. This one is simple, spread on some cream cheese I used plain but you can use whatever your palate desires. And then top with cucumbers. So easy my dog could probably make this…if he had opposable thumbs.


Almond Butter & Strawberries

This one is a scrumptious combination. I love peanut butter sandwiches but I think the juiciness of strawberries and the flavor of almond butter go together better. Another simple one…¬†Slather on a generous amount of almond butter onto the toast and layer up some strawberries slices!


Mascarpone & Raspberries

A newfound favorite to my toast collection. It’s full of texture and sweetness! Cover your toast with mascarpone, top with fresh raspberries and chopped pistachios, lastly drizzle some agave over your toast! I didn’t have any honey but that would be just as good – Finito! There you have it, a sweet perfect toasty treat.