Happy Valentine’s Day


People can either really love Valentine’s Day or hate Valentine’s Day. Even though I don’t have a person to share our love for each other on this day, I personally still like Valentine’s Day. I just see it as another opportunity to be thankful and extra appreciative for those around me. Because this day has a message of love and admiration for others it shouldn’t be restricted to just romantic couples in love, but also those who influence our lives. Valentines Day should be beyond the chocolate covered pieces of fruit, bouquets of flowers, dinner dates, and expensive jewelry. There are so many other ways to celebrate this day and to spread the love.

While all that cliché stuff is nice sometimes it’s more about what you feel. I love, love and the idea of love and all those feelings that go with it but I haven’t always been good with saying the L word and meaning it to someone. Besides telling my dog, family, and friends that I love them, if I had the chance to tell one special person I loved them and really mean it, I would. I’ve realized you only get once chance in this life so don’t hold back especially when it comes to love and how you feel. Love is not a maybe thing you know when you really love someone. So if you know you love someone tell them!

If you’re with the ones you love today hug them. It might sound like a simple act but think about those who don’t get to be with their loved ones for whatever reason it may be. I guarantee you if those people did get to see the ones they love they would embrace them. No matter whom it is in your life let them know you appreciate them and a simple hug can do exactly that.

I don’t know about you but I smile when I see couples or people in love on Valentine’s Day. I like hearing peoples “how we met” stories. The ones that make my heart melt the most are the older couples that have been through hell and back with each other. Instead of being bitter I smile for them because I know they had to go through their own journey with each other. It may have not always been easy and simple but today they can reflect on their love story. Smile for your own relationship and smile for the ones around you and their relationship!

Even though you should love your significant other all the time, something about this day just makes you love them a little extra. But don’t just make this one day, the day you love someone a little extra. Make it beyond Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day and I hope your day is not only filled with chocolates and flowers but also with lots of love, hugs, and smiles.